Our Star Chefs


Executive Chef, Founder Kelvin Yam has more than 20 years of experience in the kitchen. He is also the Treasurer of Singapore Huo Yow Cooks’ Association (新加坡好友厨业工会) and gourmet consultant in food and culinary.

  • Gold at the International Youth Chef Competition 2009 in China
    (2009 年荣获中国扬州第一界 “国际青年中餐厨师争霸赛”金奖)
  • Gold at International Chinese Culinary Competition in China Wulumuqi
    (2010 年中国乌鲁木齐 “国际中餐名厨邀请赛”金奖 精烹各式中西式菜肴及各式甜点)


“Award Winning Dish “Steamed FishTail W/Sour Spicy Sauce”



Head Chef, Hoo Chee Wei is also the kitchen warrior at Yam’s Kitchen. He is also known for his almighty cooking skill and has won down all his opponents by bringing his signature “Golden Medal OTAR Beancurd” to the competition stage at 7th World Championship Chinese Cuisine in 2012. This dish has also won recognition by all the international judges during the competition.


  • Gold at 7th World Championship Chinese Cuisine in 2012


“Award Winning Dish “Golden Medal OTAR Beancurd”